What is &Sundries?

Started in 2017, &Sundries was borne from a simple desire: make more things.  Now, in 2019, we are thankful to share our variety of products that have been developed from a 'yes, and' mentality: making great products with a clear and simple handmade process, no fuss, no muss.

Making soap was never on my radar: until one year, I was tasked with doing something different: do something that wasn't my day to day and could get me into a more creative spirit.  Thus, I began to research, and through this research found that making cold process soap was a lot like baking.  Basic chemical reactions, heat, precise measurements of ingredients, it all just clicked.

No to mention, it smelled good.  My whole home began to smell instead of fresh baked cookies, like crisp, clean soaps and sundries.  Thus, &Sundries.  More and more, people began to ask for a bar, because who doesn't use soap?  It was a functional craft that blossomed into a bustling hustle.  As I developed more and more, I was able to use my talents from design school: strategic thinking, graphic design, business organization.  Soon we were off, and in 2019, we started our first full year of summer markets, O.F.F. Market, and a few others.  

From new products, to new markets, to meeting new people across the city, we keep finding more and more &'s to the biz.  A shared passion, Nhân and I are happy to keep on making, and we hope that find a spark of joy, a bit of relaxation, and a bit of happiness from our bright scents for a Bubbly Good Time.

A stack of soap is always a good thing, a great gift, and a perfect way to add a bit to your day.  Life is short, showers are shorter, and there is always a good reason to have a Bubbly Good Time!



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