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Our Bubbly BathBomb formula is a fizzing, colorful delight!  Add delicious scent, soothing epsom salt, and balancing citric acid and baking soda to your bath for a Bubbly Good Time!

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OatsHoney BathBombOatsHoney BathBomb
OatsHoney BathBomb Sale price$7.50
Sold outLavender Tonka BathbombLavender Tonka Bathbomb
Lavender Tonka Bathbomb Sale price$7.50
Sea Driftwood Cobalt BathbombSea Driftwood Cobalt Bathbomb
Lemongrass Rosewood BathbombLemongrass Rosewood Bathbomb
Raspberry Vanilla BathbombRaspberry Vanilla Bathbomb
Honey Apple BathbombHoney Apple Bathbomb
Honey Apple Bathbomb Sale price$7.50
Rose Patchouli BathbombRose Patchouli Bathbomb
Rose Patchouli Bathbomb Sale price$7.50
Sold outBlack Raspberry Merlot BathbombBlack Raspberry Merlot Bathbomb
Easter BathBomb EggsEaster BathBomb Eggs
Easter BathBomb Eggs Sale price$15.00