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Kitchen Essentials

From Orange Lime to Lemongrass Rosewood, shop the freshest kitchen soaps and gear for the best clean.  Natural Bristle Brushes, cleaning solutions for bottles and mugs, and our best selling hand soaps.

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Growler Brush
Growler Brush Sale price$14.00
Orange Lime HandWash
Orange Lime HandWash Sale price$9.00
Orange Lime BarOrange Lime Bar
Orange Lime Bar Sale price$8.50
Veggie Brush
Veggie Brush Sale price$9.00
Lemongrass Rosewood Bar
Lemongrass Rosewood Bar Sale price$8.50
Multipurpose Brush
Multipurpose Brush Sale price$12.00
Carney Tea TowelCarney Tea Towel
Carney Tea Towel Sale price$16.00
Peppermint HandWash Sale price$9.00
Ghosted Geometry Towel
Ghosted Geometry Towel Sale price$17.00
Gigi Dusty Rose
Gigi Dusty Rose Sale price$17.00
Reflected Midday
Reflected Midday Sale price$17.00
Coconut Lime HandWash
Coconut Lime HandWash Sale price$9.00
Ging Bucky Geometry Towel
Ging Bucky Geometry Towel Sale price$17.00
Lil Ghosts Geometry Towel
Lil Ghosts Geometry Towel Sale price$17.00
Autumn Checkers Geometry Towel
Carolette Geometry Towel
Carolette Geometry Towel Sale price$17.00
Fresh Linen Geometry Towel
Golden Fall Geometry Towel
Golden Fall Geometry NotPaperTowels
Sold outAutumn Checkers Geometry NotPaperTowels