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Summer Favorites

Summer Favorites

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Sea Driftwood Cobalt Whipped Soap
Lemongrass Rosewood Whipped Soap
Bergamot Jasmine Whipped Soap
Sea Driftwood Cobalt BarSea Driftwood Cobalt Bar
Sea Driftwood Cobalt Bar Sale price$8.50
Bergamot Jasmine BarBergamot Jasmine Bar
Bergamot Jasmine Bar Sale price$8.50
Bergamot Jasmine Hand Lotion
Bergamot Jasmine HandWash
Coconut Lime BarCoconut Lime Bar
Coconut Lime Bar Sale price$8.50
Fire and Smoke HandWash
Fire and Smoke HandWash Sale price$9.00
Sandalwood Oakmoss Sugar Scrub
Sandalwood Oakmoss Sugar Scrub Sale priceFrom $14.00
Sea Driftwood Cobalt Shampoo BarSea Driftwood Cobalt Shampoo Bar
Sold outOatshoney Hand Lotion
Oatshoney Hand Lotion Sale price$16.00
Rose Patchouli Sugar Scrub
Rose Patchouli Sugar Scrub Sale priceFrom $14.00
Sold outRose Patchouli Hand Lotion
Sold outSea Driftwood Cobalt Hand Lotion
Sold outLemongrass Rosewood Hand Lotion
Honey Apple Hand Lotion
Honey Apple Hand Lotion Sale price$16.00
Lavender Tonka Hand Lotion
Black Raspberry Merlot Hand Lotion
Bashful Hippo
Bashful Hippo Sale price$25.00
Sandalwood Oakmoss Hand Lotion
Orange Lime Hand Lotion
Orange Lime Hand Lotion Sale price$16.00
Very Vanilla Hand Lotion
Very Vanilla Hand Lotion Sale price$16.00
Peppermint Hand Lotion
Peppermint Hand Lotion Sale price$16.00
Sold outFabulous Fruit CherryFabulous Fruit Cherry
Fabulous Fruit Cherry Sale price$11.00
Cedar Pepper Hand Lotion
Cedar Pepper Hand Lotion Sale price$16.00
Fabulous Fruit PearFabulous Fruit Pear
Fabulous Fruit Pear Sale price$11.00
Sold outFabulous Fruit PomegranateFabulous Fruit Pomegranate
Fabulous Fruit PlumFabulous Fruit Plum
Fabulous Fruit Plum Sale price$11.00