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Golden Honey Lip Balm
Golden Honey Lip Balm Sale price$3.00
BestSellerOatsHoney BarOatsHoney Bar
OatsHoney Bar Sale price$8.50
Lavender Tonka BathbombLavender Tonka Bathbomb
Lavender Tonka Bathbomb Sale price$7.50
Sandalwood Oakmoss BarSandalwood Oakmoss Bar
Sandalwood Oakmoss Bar Sale price$8.50
OatsHoney BathBombOatsHoney BathBomb
OatsHoney BathBomb Sale price$7.50
Black Raspberry Merlot BarBlack Raspberry Merlot Bar
Sea Driftwood Cobalt BarSea Driftwood Cobalt Bar
Sea Driftwood Cobalt Bar Sale price$8.50
Sea Driftwood Cobalt BathbombSea Driftwood Cobalt Bathbomb
Lemongrass Rosewood Bar
Lemongrass Rosewood Bar Sale price$8.50
Sea Driftwood Cobalt HandWash
Honey Apple BarHoney Apple Bar
Honey Apple Bar Sale price$8.50
Honey Apple HandWash
Honey Apple HandWash Sale price$9.00
Lemongrass Rosewood BathbombLemongrass Rosewood Bathbomb
Raspberry Vanilla BathbombRaspberry Vanilla Bathbomb
Brown Sugar Fig MilkBathBrown Sugar Fig MilkBath
Brown Sugar Fig MilkBath Sale priceFrom $4.00
Raspberry Vanilla Bar
Raspberry Vanilla Bar Sale price$8.50
Raspberry Merlot HandWash
Bergamot Jasmine BarBergamot Jasmine Bar
Bergamot Jasmine Bar Sale price$8.50
Cedar Pepper BarCedar Pepper Bar
Cedar Pepper Bar Sale price$8.50
Oatshoney HandWash
Oatshoney HandWash Sale price$9.00
Sold outConey Island Waffle Cone Chocolate BarConey Island Waffle Cone Chocolate Bar
Honey Apple BathbombHoney Apple Bathbomb
Honey Apple Bathbomb Sale price$7.50
Orange Lime HandWash
Orange Lime HandWash Sale price$9.00
Orange Lime BarOrange Lime Bar
Orange Lime Bar Sale price$8.50
Rose Patchouli BathbombRose Patchouli Bathbomb
Rose Patchouli Bathbomb Sale price$7.50
Black Raspberry Merlot BathbombBlack Raspberry Merlot Bathbomb
ClearanceFinal SaleOn saleLynova TowelsLynova Towels
Lynova Towels Sale priceFrom $5.99 Regular price$11.00
Bergamot Jasmine HandWash
Save 44%Pride HandWash
Pride HandWash Sale price$5.00 Regular price$9.00
Soap Saver Bag
Soap Saver Bag Sale price$4.00
Pumpkin and Spice HandWash
Cedar Pepper HandWash
Cedar Pepper HandWash Sale price$9.00
Cedar Pepper Soaking Salts
Cedar Pepper Soaking Salts Sale priceFrom $8.00
Sandalwood Bar
Sandalwood Bar Sale price$8.50
Peppermint BarPeppermint Bar
Peppermint Bar Sale price$8.50
Tea Tree Charcoal BarTea Tree Charcoal Bar
Tea Tree Charcoal Bar Sale price$6.50
Very Vanilla BarVery Vanilla Bar
Very Vanilla Bar Sale price$8.50
Coconut Lime BarCoconut Lime Bar
Coconut Lime Bar Sale price$8.50
Fire and Smoke HandWash
Fire and Smoke HandWash Sale price$9.00
FINAL SALESave 50%Strawberry Rose HandWash
Strawberry Rose HandWash Sale price$4.49 Regular price$9.00
Grapefruit Rose Clay BarGrapefruit Rose Clay Bar
Grapefruit Rose Clay Bar Sale price$6.50
Sandalwood Oakmoss Facial Scrub
Donuts & Coffee Chocolate BarDonuts & Coffee Chocolate Bar
Save 17%2023 Pride Bar2023 Pride Bar
2023 Pride Bar Sale price$5.00 Regular price$6.00
Spearmint Eucalyptus Green Clay BarSpearmint Eucalyptus Green Clay Bar
Morning Coffee BarMorning Coffee Bar
Morning Coffee Bar Sale price$8.50
Sold outSoap Scrap Bag
Soap Scrap Bag Sale price$2.00