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Joyful and Jolly Terms

Joyful and Jolly Neighborhood Giveaway and Passport - Terms and Conditions

Giveaway Overview: Join us for the "Joyful and Jolly Neighborhood Giveaway and Passport" in East Walnut Hills, an opportunity to explore local small businesses and kick off the holiday season with merriment. Participants can shop, eat, and drink their way through the neighborhood for a chance to win exciting prizes totaling over $1500, divided into a grand prize and four additional prizes.

Prizes: The prizes include over $1500 in gift cards and gifts, with a grand prize and four additional prizes.

Eligibility: The giveaway is open to residents of the United States, aged 13 and above.

Entry Rules: To enter the giveaway, participants must:

  • Visit four or more participating locations in East Walnut Hills.
  • Receive a mark or ticket punch from each visited business.
  • While a recommended spend of $15 or more to support small businesses is suggested, no purchase is necessary to win.

Passport and Location Visits: There are 20 participating businesses in East Walnut Hills, as indicated on the passport. Passports are available at all participating businesses. The event, "Joyful and Jolly," takes place on December 2nd, where participants can explore the neighborhood, visit businesses, and collect marks or ticket punches on their passports for a chance to win the prizes.

Timeline: The giveaway takes place on December 2nd, 2023, during the opening hours of participating businesses.

Winner Selection: Winners will be drawn on December 3rd and announced via social media. Winners will be contacted for prize coordination through a phone call.

Prize Distribution: Prizes will be distributed by Andsundries. Winners are responsible for any taxes on their winnings.

Rules and Regulations: Purchases or participation are subject to validation, and there is a limit of 5 entries per person.

Liability and Disclaimers: Participants agree to Andsundries' general liability waiver as appropriate.

Privacy and Data Handling: Andsundries will collect and manage customer data and privacy. Entry constitutes consent to receive targeted marketing via SMS, email, or other means. Visit for privacy and data collection information.

Termination or Modification: The giveaway may be terminated or modified at Andsundries' discretion under certain conditions.

Contact Information: For inquiries, contact