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Ravi Pillow


14" x 36"

Thick contrasting yarns create the simple woven design on our Ravi Pillows. Hand woven by artisans in India, a gray woven cotton base with a dash and dot pattern make this long lumbar a unique addition to the sofa or bed. Finished off with four large corner tassels.

-Extra-long lumbar size for use with other pillows or for use as stand-alone statement on a sofa, bench or bed. Spot clean only.

-Perfect for boho or modern decor styles.

-A gray woven cotton base with thick contrasting yarns and large corner tassels. -These textiles are handwoven and handcrafted in India. Handloomed by artisans using techniques passed down through generations.

-Each of Foreside's textiles are touched by hand, giving a quality craftsmanship that shows. Not only are they intricately handloomed, but most of the attachments such as fringe, tassels, braiding, and poms are attached by hand.

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